Dal Makhani 7 160 CZK
(Black lentil cooked overnight on Tandoor with butter and cream)  
Tadka Dal 7 150 CZK
(Bengal gram and green gram tempered with whole red chilli and cumin seed)  
Chana Masala 7 150 CZK
(Chick peas cooked with spices and flavoured with herbs)  
Mix Vegetable 7 150 CZK
(Fresh garden vegetables cooked in massala gravy)  
Palak Paneer 7 195 CZK
(Indian cheese with spinach and tomato,masala  
Kadai Paneer 7 180 CZK
(Cottage cheese cooked with green bell pepper,whole spice and tomato)  
Bagain Bharta 7 170 CZK
(An extra ordinary dish of baked egg-plant sautéed with onion and spices)  
Mutter Methi Malai 7,8 160 CZK
(Green peas cooked in fresh fenugreek and cream)  

     Non - Vegetarian

Chicken Vindaloo 10 190 CZK
(Cubes of chicken and potatoes cooked in tomato based,spicy gravy)  
Chicken TikkaMasala 7,8 210 CZK
(Grilled chicken tikka cooked in fresh onion,tomato and cream sauce)  
Kadai Chicken 7 190 CZK
(Fresh chicken cooked with capsicum,tomato and onion sauce)  
Butter Chicken 7,8 195 CZK
(Chicken tikka cooked in tomato,cream and butter sauce)  
Chicken Korma 7,8 180 CZK
(Cubes of grilled chicken cooked in fresh keshu nut,cream and butter sauce)  
Chicken Tamil 6,7,8 190 CZK
(Authentic sauth India dish is a very special and popular style of cooking in Tamilnad)  
Rogan Josh 240 CZK
(Tender lamb pieces cooked in true Kasmeer style)  
Lamb Saag 7 245 CZK
(Exotic preparation of lamb pieces moistened spinach, tomato and spices)  
Lamb Vindaloo 10 250 CZK
(Juicy lamb and potato cooked in tomato based gravy with extra spice sauce)  
Lamb Pasanda 7,8 235 CZK
(Juicy lamb cooked in light tomato creamy and cashu nuts sauce)  
Goan Prawn Curry 4,7,8,10 300 CZK
(A delicious spicy Goan prawn curry cooked in Goan species use coconut milk and curry leaves to finished with mustard or methiseeds)  
Kadai Prawn 4,7,8,10 315 CZK
(Tiger prawn cooked with capsicum, tomato and onion sauce)  


Chicken Biryani 7,8 220 CZK
(Long grain Basmati rice cooked with chicken meat,indian spices)  
Lamb Biryani 7,8 255 CZK
(Long grained Pulao rice cooked with lamb,accompanied with Raita)  
Veg Biryani 1,7,8 160 CZK
(Fresh garden vegetables cooked in Basmari rice,flavoured with fresh mint and saffron)  
Egg Fried Rice / Smažená rýže s vejci 3,7 115 CZK
Jeera Pulao Rice / Smažená rýže 7 90 CZK
Lemon Rice / Citronová rýže 7,10 99 CZK
Mushrooms Rice / Rýže se žampiony 7 115 CZK
Plain Basmati Rice / Bílá Basmati rýže 55 CZK


Tandoori Roti 1 40 CZK
(Whole wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor)  
Laccha Parantha 1,7 55 CZK
(Multy layered wheat flour flaky bread,cooked in tandoor)  
Pudina Parantha 1,7 55 CZK
(Multy layered wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor, flavoured fresh mint)  
Butter Naan 1,3,7 50 CZK
(FIne flour bread cooked in tandoor and layered with butter)  
Plain Naan 1,3,7 45 CZK
(Fine flour bread cooked in tandoor)  
Garlic Naan 1,3,7 50 CZK
(Fine flour bread cooked in tandoor with freshly chopped garlic)  
Chilli Garlic Naan 1,3,7 70 CZK
(Fine flour bread cooked in tandoor, flavoured with freshly chopped garlic and chilli flakes)  
Stuffed Kulcha 1,7 75 CZK
(Whole wheat bread,stuffed with a choice of cottage cheese, onion, potato, cauliflower and minced lamb meat)  


Green Garden Salad 75 CZK
Kuchumber Salad 85 CZK
(Spice salad with cucucmber, tomato, red onion, coriander, green chilli, lemon)  


Mango Chutney 25 CZK
Mint Chutney 25 CZK
Imli Chutney 25 CZK
Mixed Pickle 25 CZK
Mixed Raita 7 60 CZK
(Yoghurt mixed with tomato and cucumber and mild spices)  
Aloo Raita 7 60 CZK
(Yoghurt mixed with potato,mild spices)  
Pineapple Raita 7 80 CZK
(Pineapple mixed with homemade yoghurt)  


Thandi Kheer 7,8 85 CZK
(Saffron flavour sweet rice puding serve chilled)  
Gulab Jamun 1,7,8 (2 pcs) 65 CZK
(Fried cheese dumpling soaked in sugar syrup and serve hot)  
Mango Kulfi 1,7 120 CZK
(Mango flavoured indian ice cream served in clay pot)  
Pista Kulfi 1,7,8 120 CZK
(Indian ice cream flavoured pistachio,served in clay pot)  
Take away plastic container per piece 10 CZK

Food and drinks described in this menu may contain 1) Cereals – containing gluten 2) Crustaceans 3) Egss 4) Fish 5) Peanut 6) Soya 7) Milk 8) Nuts 9) Celery 10) Mustard
11) Sesame 12) Sulphur dioxide and sulphites 13) Bluebonnets 14) Mollusks
Which can lead to allergic reactions.Please inform your server about any special dietary requirements or allergic needs.

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